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This public consultation aimed at gathering stakeholders’ views on the current European Standardisation System, taking into account some of the proposals of change put forward by the EXPRESS report and the Commission itself.

What are, in your views, the most serious barriers to the use of standards by enterprises: costs of standards (purchasing price)? Costs of operational implementation? Access to information? Knowledge of existing standards?

The replies indicate that the lack of knowledge and awareness about both the importance of the standardisation process and the content and field of application of standards themselves represent the most serious barrier to the use of standards. Stakeholders generally complain about the difficulty to access information about which standards to apply, the complexity of the technical language used, and the large amount of standards (and updates) that may concern one specific product.

Both the difficulty to access information and the complexity of the technical language contribute to make implementation costs another key barrier to the application of standards. Stakeholders declare that some training would be needed in order to help market players, above all the smaller ones, access the information concerning standards and understand which specific regulations directly concern the products they are producing and selling.

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